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Certified WBE

Sue Gade and Dirk Marcucci recognized for longstanding commitment to Iowa Archaeology

November 1, 2012




Landmark Archaeology, Inc. receives the

Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Distinguished Service Award

January 15, 2009




Excavation of Lost Cemetery Draws to a Close 

"Archaeologists will scrape the dirt from the last of 104 skeletons this week-seven months after construction workers

discovered the bones of three people buried behind the old Broadway School."

Original Source: Times Herald-RecordFriday, September 26, 2008.

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Unearthing Long-Buried Secrets

"The more dirt archaeologists clear away, the more old secrets they uncover.  Crews have discovered 58 whole and

partial skeletons behind the old Broadway School and expect that number to climb easily past 60."

Original Source: Times Herald-RecordAugust 25, 2008.

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Cedar Grove Restoring Scenic Landscape Wall

"Archeologists visit Thomas Cole House to guarantee precision.  Administrators and directors of Cedar Grove,

the Thomas Cole National Historic Site, home of the famed American landscape artist, are continuing the effort

to restore the site to its 19th century appearance."

(Coverage of work conducted at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site, December, 2008)

Original Source: The Daily Mail, Friday, December 18, 2008.

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"Archaeologists discovered several ancient artifacts dating to 6,000-4,000 BCE from an old farm that now is a

construction site for the new Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library."

Original Source: Archaeo News, 11 September 2005.

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Life Along the Maritje Kill  

"South of Hyde Park, NY, this fascinating site was recently documented on the campus of the

Culinary Institute of America."

Original Source: The New York State Preservationist, vol.9 Spring/Summer 2005 p. 22-23

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"The future site of the Charlton, NY Town Hall reveals artifacts associated with the Charlton Union

Cheese and Butter Factory, which operated from 1866 to 1868."

Original Source: The Daily Gazette, Saratoga County Edition Friday, June 10, 2005 p.B1,

B3 written by Stephen Williams, Gazette Reporter

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