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Certified WBE

     Susan Gade, RPA, is Landmark’s President and Principal Archaeologist.  In addition to administering the Company, Ms. Gade is directly involved in supervising field projects and artifact analysis, and writing proposals, research designs and reports.  Ms. Gade received her B.A. from SUNY-Geneseo and M.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has completed the Section 106 training “Federal Projects and Historic Preservation Law.” Ms. Gade has over 20 years experience in conducting archaeological projects in the United States.  Her experience includes development of cultural resource management plans, development of historic contexts, evaluation of archaeological resources in terms of NRHP criteria, and supervision of Section 106 projects.  Ms. Gade has developed and implemented research designs for all levels of archaeological investigations for prehistoric and historic sites in the northeast and Midwest regions of the United States. She has conducted historic archaeological research projects in rural and urban settings across a wide geographic area.  Ms. Gade has extensive experience in historic and prehistoric ceramic analysis, lithic analysis, and site data synthesis.

     Derrick J. Marcucci, RPA, is co-owner and Principal Archaeologist for the company. Along with assisting in administering the company, he also conducts and supervises archaeological and historical research projects in the Midwest and northeastern United States.  Mr. Marcucci received a B.A. from the University of Iowa and an M.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.   Mr. Marcucci has completed Section 106 training, including: “Federal Projects and Historic Preservation Law”, as well as the "Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act" (2008) workshop conducted by the SRI Foundation.  Mr. Marcucci has over 32 years experience conducting and managing all types of cultural resources studies that document, evaluate, and interpret cultural resources.  These projects have ranged from small grant-funded county archaeological and historic structure surveys to large-scale archaeological excavations.  He has a wide range of cultural resource experience with state (e.g., New York’s SEQR) and federal (NEPA and Section 106) compliance projects and has managed large project teams comprised of archaeologists, historians, historic architects, and technical specialists such as geomorphologists and paleobotatanists.  Mr. Marcucci has worked at such notable archaeological sites as Koster and Cahokia, and he has conducted archaeological research in Mesoamerica, Europe, and Hawaii.  His research interests include cave and rock shelter archaeology, geomorphology, landscape archaeology, lithic use-wear analysis, and prehistoric small-scale political economies.  Mr. Marcucci also has extensive experience applying GIS/GPS technology to CRM applications.  He currently is a New York Archaeological Council (NYAC) board member.

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